Hot Stones may be added to 60, 75 and 90 minute massages for an additional charge of $10

​​​​​​Massage Therapy

15 minutes - $32
30 minutes - $62
45 minutes - $75

60 minutes - $92
75 minutes - $112
90 minutes - $137

Escape Massage Therapy Centre

Your massage can be a deep tissue massage, a relaxation massage, or both at the same time.  Just because you need deep work on your neck doesn't mean you need a lot of pressure on your low back.  Just let our therapists know where you have chronic tightness or discomfort and that will be the focus of the treatment, while making sure the rest of the massage is relaxing and rejuvenating.  

Complimentary heated parking available with any 60, 75 or 90 minute massage.  See our parking page for details

Prenatal massage is available with our RMT Victoria

Couples Massage is available at our ATB location, call or email us for details

​Myofascial Cupping

30 minutes - $67

45 minutes - $80

60 minutes - $97

TMJ Massage

30 minutes - $67

45 minutes - $80

All prices include GST

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization IASTM is a technique similar to Graston and is a more intensive treatment of muscle and connective tissue. It may be added to any length massage for an additional charge of $10

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​​​​Massage Services Pricing